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Saturday 6 May 2006
GDC 2006 Videos and Pictures
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The Game Developers Conference is long over and the E3 is just around the corner, but still there is news from the GDC. Quite a bit of media regarding Spore has been published. First of all there's a brief YouTube video displaying some planets, as Wright showed them during his presentation. The full presentation can be found on GDC TV, but requires a payment of $14,95. A small free preview can be found through the same page. Fansite Spore Revolution published a 198 pictures from the video. There's also a 4-page article about the presentation at GameSpy, posted about a month ago.

Besides all that there are many images from a Japanese site from the GDC presentation by Will. We've put some of them in our screenshots index (they can also be seen below). The same goes for several others posted by SnootySpore. Finally you can also read a transcript of the presentation at Spore Universe. Thanks to our affiliate Planet Spore as well as SnootySpore for the news, and our apologies for our recent lack of updates. It'll soon pick up again.

Spore in Computer Gaming World
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Spore @ Computer Gaming World

With the E3 just around the corner the amount of coverage of Spore is picking up a bit. The magazine Computer Gaming World has a 10-page coverage of the game, which is including a couple of pages of art and photos. There's "a lot of info" about the game and the creature editor, and a big interview with Will Wright, the creator of Spore. The magazine has gone out to subscribers already, and will hit newsstands as of May 16. Jeff Green posted the following on GamingSteve's forums, after the cover appeared online at Kotaku:

"Those creatures on the cover are in-game models, yes, but the rest of the cover art is an artist's mockup--that's not a screenshot. Also, that little dude in the top right is a Spore creature too.

"We got to sit down with the creature editor for awhile on the day we looked at the game, and were able to create Spore creatures to create our regular staff photos for that issue.

"Errr, also: The magazine goes out to subscribers *today*, and hits newsstands May 16. I'm sure it'll be scanned immediately, which I would whine about if it weren't just a fact of life now. But you could also go to the store and buy one, too, especially since we lowered the price to $5!

"The story is about 10 pages long (though a couple pages are just art/photos--no text). But lots of info on the game, the creature editor, and a big interview w/Will Wright himself."

Spore in 2007?
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Gaming site Gamasutra has published an article, in which they say that Spore is not being released in EA's current fiscal year ("2007"), meaning the game won't be out until at least April 2007. This was confirmed by EA, probably during the conference call after the announcement of the fiscal results. Read the complete article for more details.

Sunday 7 May 2006
Pre-E3 Preview at 1Up
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1Up has posted a new preview of Spore, in which they talk to Will Wright and executive producer Lucy Bradshaw. It's also a small preview of what is written in the June issue of Computer Gaming World. They dive into the development process, as well as some of the details of the game. For example, they tell what kind of problems occur with the procedural animations, for example that creatures without hands are unable to clap. Players will be able to test their creatures in the editor before taking it to the world. You're always able to back-up a generation and go back to recreate your creature, having learned from your previous experience. All tools will be made as user-friendly as possible. You can read the preview, or watch a video of the 1Up Show, a Pre-E3 2006 special, with new footage from the game (as well as a few others, Spore starts at around 27:58 minutes).

In that video the basics of the game are shown, but also some terraforming of a planet using the UFO. The UFO also explores some other planets showing what can be done with existing creatures. Other creatures can worship you, if you make them smarter using the spaceship. The galaxy is also shown briefly, after which Wright talks about the sandbox game. Just like in the Sims, you can let the game run for a few hours and come back later to see what has changed. They also go into the up- and downloading of creatures and other content. Wright also says that he finds the "Massively Singleplayer game" more interesting as a concept than a multiplayer online game.

1Up also spoke with animators Bob King and Jim Cimino at the Maxis offices, but a version of the video with them in it (and Lucy Bradshaw) will be released later. Finally you can also check the two screenshots below.

Spore at E3: Not Behind Closed Doors
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Two days ago Electronic Arts revealed there E3 line-up for the show next week. In the press release it's said that Spore will be shown behind closed doors to press and professionals only. However, we today got the confirmation from an EA PR Manager that Spore is not behind closed doors, but in a "theatre open to the public". We of the Spore Zone will be attending the E3 and of course we'll try to get as much as possible new information regarding Spore here on this site... so stay tuned!

Monday 8 May 2006
New Affiliate: Spore Central
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We've just affiliated with another Spore fansite: Spore Central is a veteran Maxis fan-site, which started as just SimCity Central. They also cover Spore extensively now, with all the latest news and info. Make sure you pay them a visit every once in a while, even if it's just to say hi to those 15,000 other members.

E3 Trailer Spotted
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On the video sharing site YouTube a new video has been spotted, which is rumoured to be an E3 trailer. TV networks covering the E3 this week will be getting that video showing the creature editor, some planets, civilisations and fights straight from the game itself. There will probably be more videos coming this week during E3, and of course we'll keep you up-to-date about them. For now, see the video below.

Thursday 11 May 2006
Spore Website Revamped
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The official website for Spore,, has been completely revamped for the E3 2006 today. It has new movies and screenshots posted on it. More details will follow later, with new information, pictures and more exclusively from the E3. Stay tuned for all the latest news on Will's upcoming game. For now just visit the official website for some of the details.

Friday 12 May 2006
USA Today on Spore
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The online version of USA Today has posted a small article about Spore, in which Will Wright talks about how players should be able to create things that looks like it could be from Pixar. He also tells how the mouth you pick determines what your creature will eat. He also compares the online part of the game - sharing creatures and other creations - with Amazon's recommendations feature. Check the complete article for a few more details.

E3: Spore Coverage at IGN
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Several major gaming sites have covered Spore for the past two days of E3 2006 in Los Angeles, California. First of all there was IGN, which has posted both a preview and a video of Will Wright's demonstration (which was open to anyone on the show).

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E3: Spore Coverage at GameSpot
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Just like IGN gaming site GameSpot has taken a look at Spore at the E3 show in Los Angeles. They've posted two articles to start with, one with some updated impressions and a smaller one solely about the creature editor.

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Saturday 13 May 2006
E3: Spore Coverage at GameSpy
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Like all major gaming sites GameSpy too has covered Spore extensively. Not only with a three page preview and a bunch of screenshots, but also by a breakfast chat with Will Wright, the designer of Spore. Just like IGN and GameSpot they also have a video of the presentation online.

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