E3: Spore Coverage at GameSpot

Just like IGN gaming site GameSpot has taken a look at Spore at the E3 show in Los Angeles. They've posted two articles to start with, one with some updated impressions and a smaller one solely about the creature editor.

The first article is mostly about the open demonstration. He again created a creature which was put into the world. GameSpot tells how some creatures were too strong for Will's one, and thus he had to flee off to safer locations to find some food there. The creature is controlled directly during this stage. Also, if you find food successfully you'll receive DNA points, which you can use to buy more parts for your creature. The mating process is also explained in the article. Once a baby is born, you'll have to control one of them directly, and a herd of them less directly (through calls from your creature, for example).

Once the space stage has been achieved, the UFO is presented with much fanfare. An abduction ray can be used to pick up creatures, or the fling them into the air. While exploring other planets, some looking very odd, but all having some statistics for habitability. Then Will showed another city again, using fireworks to impress the alien creatures, then picking one of them up and being shot at as a result. After departure a radio message popped up from the creatures asking for an explanation about the issue. He also flew to other planets, and although they might not have been suitable for life they can contain hidden items useful for upgrading the UFO.

About the creature editor GameSpot says it's very intuitive to work with, and that basically any creature, no matter how odd, can be created. All parts have different costs, and thus may need to be unlocked. There are several ratings showing the talents of the creature. There are also some limitations, for example it's not possible to create flying creatures, nor can you determine a gender. Check out the preview and the creature editor preview for more details. Also check out their Gameplay video and screenshots for more graphics.

Written at 11:19 2006n Friday, 12 May 2006 by ChEeTaH

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