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Wednesday 8 April 2009
Will Wright leaves EA for Stupid Fun Club
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Will Wright and EA today announced that Wright, creator of SimCity, The Sims and Spore, will be leaving EA. He will focus on his Stupid Fun Club. Originally a group of hobbyists (Will and some of his friends), the Stupid Fun Club had fun with robots and toys, even being featured on NBC with a Candid Camera short about a sad robot. Now Wright will continue the club as a professional organization. The club will develop new intellectual properties for video games, movies, television, the Internet and toys.

Wright and EA have not completely left each other though: both parties own an equal percentage of the club. Ideas developed by the Stupid Fun Club can be developed into games by EA, which probably means we haven't seen the last of Will Wright in the games world yet. Lucy Bradshaw and her team at Maxis will continue to develop and expand Spore, while the Sims Division at EA will continue to create Sims games as they have done for the past couple of years - already without Wright. According to an MTV Article no game projects are currently in development by the Stupid Fun Club. Check out the Stupid Fun Club Website for more information about the "think tank".

Thursday 4 September 2008
Audio Questions
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Now the game is out in some countries, and close to its release elsewhere in the world, you may already have it. If you do, you will probably know about the many sounds and other audio bits in the game. If you have questions to the Spore Audio Team about Spore's anthems, music or audio, you can now send them in to us. EA will pick a few which will in return be answered. You have until Sunday (7 September) to submit your question through our contact form. We'll then forward your questions to EA.

Wednesday 16 July 2008
E-mail Problems Solved
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It recently came to our attention that due to some misconfiguration of our server, emails sent by the website would sometimes be rejected by various (mail) providers. This issue should now be solved, and e-mails should arrive normally again.

If you tried to register for membership, requested a password or otherwise expected an automated e-mail from this website, please try again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Monday 16 June 2008
Creature Creator Unleashed
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EA has released the Creature Creator to members of the press and also several fan sites - including The Spore Zone. The trial version has also leaked on the Internet, which caused some issues on the renewed official Spore website last weekend. Although currently online access with the free trial is blocked, it will be opened up tomorrow - the 17th. Over 13,000 creatures have already hit Sporepedia, You can find our creatures under the "tsz" tag. More is definitely to come, especially when thousands of people will get their hands on the creature creator tomorrow. Head over to to get the trial tomorrow!

Monday 5 May 2008
Creature Creator coming June 17
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EA has announced recently that the Creature Creator will be released 17 June, over 2 months before Spore itself is released. The creator will have all features of the full game, and creatures created with it can be used in the full game as well. There will be two versions. A free version, available as download or with the SimCity box that will soon be released, contains about 25% of the content. The other $10 version, available through various retailers, has all creature content that will ship with the full game. SpaceOddity also mentions a French announcement that buying the full creature creator means you can get a discount for the full game. Whether such offers are available everywhere remains unconfirmed now, though some retailers in any part of the world may offer such a discount.