Creature Creator coming June 17

EA has announced recently that the Creature Creator will be released 17 June, over 2 months before Spore itself is released. The creator will have all features of the full game, and creatures created with it can be used in the full game as well. There will be two versions. A free version, available as download or with the SimCity box that will soon be released, contains about 25% of the content. The other $10 version, available through various retailers, has all creature content that will ship with the full game. SpaceOddity also mentions a French announcement that buying the full creature creator means you can get a discount for the full game. Whether such offers are available everywhere remains unconfirmed now, though some retailers in any part of the world may offer such a discount.

Written at 01:11 2008n Monday, 5 May 2008 by ChEeTaH

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