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Sunday 25 September 2005
New Affiliate
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As you can now see on the affiliates page and the right-hand sidebar, we have a new affiliate. SporeSome is a fresh Spore fansite, dedicated to keep bringing you the latest about Spore just like us. Be sure to pay them a visit if you want to know more about Spore.

New Artworks
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Some new artworks from the Games Developer Conference 2005, held back in February, have appeared on the net. SnootySpore tells that Jaleho of the GamingSteve forums has found these on Will's little site, which contains several Powerpoint presentations of the past GDCs. The file contains the presentation Wright held last time, and so also has a few artworks of Spore in it. Naturally we've added these to our screenshots gallery, but you can just click the four thumbnails below to see the interesting pictures from the presentation. One of them may look familiar, but rather than being a picture taken from the slide on a beamer, this is in its original quality now.