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A fansite dedicated to the upcoming game, Spore, created by Will Wright. The site currently offers an up to date news section, forums, screenshots, links to articles, overview and features of the game, and more to come.
Spore Central
We're a veteran community on the Maxis fan scene with over 4 years in the game. Full Spore coverage along with a comprehensive SimCity dito with almost 15,000 members.
SporeNetwork is a Dutch/English fansite all about Spore. They provide news, info, links, articles, interview, media, quotes and a lot more.
Everything you need concerning Will Wright's latest game Spore in the same fashion as sister site SimSational, bringing you quality news updates, screenshots, articles and overviews of the game.
The Sims Zone
The Sims Zone is the sister site of the Spore Zone, covering all the latest news about the Sims. Other than that there are several downloads, a knowledge base, and Sim Brother. All you need to make the Sims cooler than it is!