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Saturday 1 April 2006
Spore Not on E3 [Update: April Fools]
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We recently already reported about possible delays in the release of Spore. The game will be released when it's done. First rumours said it would be out later this year, but news from the Game Developers Conference last month revealed that 2007 is more likely as year of release for Spore. Apparently it's been delayed further down the line, as the game will probably not be shown at the E3 show next month. The world's biggest games expo will have to do without Spore for one year, but the game will definitely make an appearance at the 2007 edition. That also means the game should be released after May 2007, either making a summer or fall release.

April Fools!

[Update 2 April, 1:04] Of course Spore will be shown at the E3 Expo this year, and it'll probably be big. The above post was almost entirely made up by us, and pretty much nothing of it is true - except for the dates of the E3 expo. We even made up all the rumours. If you fell for it, maybe you should be more careful on April Fools day next time... If you paniced after reading the news, please accept our apologies and laugh at it. We'll post more serious news for another full year now. Keep following our news in the next couple of weeks when more and more of Spore will be revealed, especially during the E3 from 10-12 May. That's just a couple of weeks away!

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