Wright interviewed about Maxis and Spore

Recently the Wall Street Journal published an article about Will Wright and his games. Although it's a lot about the history of Maxis and games like The Sims, Spore is also briefly mentioned as being the biggest game launch of 2007 for EA. The article also tells about how Maxis was founded and how SimCity was born, as well as the skepticism people at Maxis had about the Sims. It also says Spore may be Will's last big game, probably because of the "grueling length" it takes to develop a game, according to Will's wife Joell Jones. Other than that, the text is also a bit about Will Wright's hobbies, like robots. You can read the full article for more details.

Written at 22:33 2006n Wednesday, 7 June 2006 by ChEeTaH

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