E3: Awards for Spore

Just like last year Spore got nominated for several E3 awards - both the official ones as well as those from many gaming sites. Over at GameSpot Spore became a finalist for Best Strategy Game, Best PC Game and Game of the Show, but won none of those editors' choice awards. GameSpy has also been giving away awards, with Spore coming second on Best PC Game and it won the Most Innovative Game award. Next is IGN, on which the game won the awards for Technical Excellence and PC Game of the Show, as well as being a runner-up for Most Innovative Design (on the same page as Techincal Excellence) and the general Best of Show awards. Finally there's 1Up, which has all their awards on a single page. Wright's game has won Best PC Game, Best Simulation Game and Best of Show awards.

Then for the E3 Awards, Spore got nominated in the same four categories as last year: Best of Show, Best Original Game, Best PC Game and Best Simulation Game. Although the game won all four awards last year, this year it had to give the Best of Show one to Nintendo's Wii. That leaves the other three nominations, which Spore also won. You can read about all the Game Critics Awards winners on their website.

Written at 01:04 2006n Wednesday, 7 June 2006 by ChEeTaH

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