E3: Spore Previews, Pictures and Videos

Many people have taken a look at Spore during the E3 2006, and as a result there are many previews of the game all over the net. Covering them all separately like we did for some of the bigger gaming sites would cost a lot of time and space, hence there's merely a list of links to previews here, in random order. Most of them also contain pictures. There are also a few links to Asian sites, mainly for the pictures they have. Here goes:

Furthermore there are also two videos posted on Google Video, uploaded by HydromancerX from the GamingSteve forums. You can find the videos here and here. Enjoy all the material. Thanks to SimsZone and SnootySpore for the links.

Written at 00:07 2006n Wednesday, 7 June 2006 by ChEeTaH

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