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Wednesday 10 August 2005
New Articles
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Over the past couple of weeks several new articles about Spore have appeared. The first of the two was one published in the August edition of PC Zone UK. It has also appeared on their website now. The two page article doesn't reveal anything that we didn't know already, yet it might be a good read to catch up with the game, after such a long silence. Read it for more.

Similarly there's another article posted about a month ago, on the Brandenton Herald website. The known GDC/E3 presentation is covered, and again there isn't anything really new. For the details, just read it.

GDC Video Download
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At the Game Developers Conference in February Spore was presented to the press for the first time, by Will Wright. The video of it was posted shortly after the E3, where Spore was shown to a limited audience again. Our affiliate Planet Spore has captured the video and put it online for download, with a mirror at Spore News. The 303Mb big zip file requires Winzip 9.0 to extract the file, after which you can watch the video at any time you like. You can find the download at Planet Spore's videos page, where a link to the mirror is also given.

Sunday 14 August 2005
Wright Writes about Game Design
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Even though Will Wright, designer of the Sims, is busy developing Spore for at least another year, he is also writing a book. The book will be about Game Design, as Will confirmed to Mercury News in an e-mail. Wright gets a lot of inspiration for his games from books, but also films. There isn't much other information in the article.