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Thursday 12 February 2004
Some more info about Maxis' move
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Article originally from The Sims Zone

A little bit of more information about the move of Maxis from Walnut Creek to the EA Redwood Shores headquarters has been published by GameSpot. The main new info is that most of the 300 staff members, including the management team, will move to the EA Headquarters, in recently completed studio facilities. The newest building at the campus, now about 2 years old, will be used by Maxis. The move is one that's part of an overall shifting of locations, so studios can make better use of the facilities at those locations. Will Wright himself will stay in Walnut Creek with a dedicated team to work on his next project, of which all but a possible - but unconfirmed - name has been rumoured (SimUniverse). He will also still be involved with the Sim-games. It's not yet known if Will will move to Redwood City as well or not. You can read the entire GameSpot article at this page.